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The Town of Parachute has various options for you if you are looking to get out and enjoy some sunshine! What ever it is that you are looking for in a park, you'll be sure to find it here. Keep reading for a list of our parks, services and schedule and come find us on your next outdoor adventure!

Services Legend

  • Park Available for Rent

  • Seasonal - Memorial Day - Labor Day

  • Park / Benches

  • Public Restrooms

  • Dog Park

  • Water Feature

Please note, all public restrooms EXCEPT the ones at the Rest Area are on a seasonal schedule and are closed between Labor Day & Memorial Day. Dates & times of closures are subject to change without notice.

Town of Parachute Parks

  • Cottonwood Park    

  • Cottonwood Park Splash Pad   

  • Wasson-McKay Park   

  • Beasley Park   

  • Parachute Rest Area  

  • Parachute Rest Area Dog Park   

Discover the Beauty of Parachute

Town of Parachute Park Rentals

Thank you for your interest in renting one our park facilities for your event. The Town rents out the pavilions at the parks, not the park itself since it is open to the public.

Your rental includes the pavilion, electricity, and an alcohol waiver if you added it to your reservation. Reservations are not final until you have paid all applicable fees, deposits, and have received a confirmation call from the Town. The following rules apply to all Parachute Facility Rentals.

The Parks

Park Name


Cottonwood Park

100 La Plata Circle

Wasson-McKay Park

259 Cardinal Way

Beasley Pocket Park

100 W 1st Street

The Prices

The Rules




Lawn Care

The Grill

Picnic Tables

No Glass Containers - If you plan on having beer at your event, a Limited Open Container waiver may be obtained upon review of your application by a Town representative. This waiver will need to be posted in plain sight at your event.

Trash Clean-Up is mandatory for the return of your deposit. The Town has supplied garbage bags underneath the current bag for clean up . Please place all bagged trash in the large dumpster located at the South end of the park.

Music is allowed, but please be respectful of the surrounding homes. The Parachute Municipal Code 8.02.020 Noise Limitation, designates quiet times to be from 9:00 pm - 7:00 am.

Please do not park or drive vehicles or trailers on the grass or on sidewalks. If you need to put a trailer on the basketball court or have a special request, permission from the Public Works Department will be required.

If you add the grill to your rental, you will need to provide your own propane tank. Please let us know in advance and staff will unlock the grill for your use.

At some parks, the picnic tables are not bolted down and can be moved around. Please put them back how they were found if you decide to do so.

The Rental


Reservations are not confirmed until

  • Rental Fee has been paid

  • Rental Deposit has been paid

  • Open Container Waiver has been approved (if applicable)

  • A confirmation call has occurred

If all of these conditions have not been met, your reservation is not final.

Problems With Your Rental?

If you have an issue with your rental during our normal business hours of Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, please call Town Hall at (970) 285-7630

If you  have an issue with your rental during our non business hours of Friday - Sunday, please call (970) 456-6190

Park Rental Reservation

9 Questions

Cottonwood Park - 100 La Plata Cirlce
Wasson-McKay Park - 259 Cardinal Way
Beasley Park - 100 W. 1st Street
Grill $25.00 The grill is only available at Cottonwood Park. You must provide your own propane.
Alcohol Liability Waiver $50.00. Waiver must be submitted & approved if having beer at your event
None of the above
I agree to follow the rules
I don't agree to follow the rules and forfeit my deposit